1. This FAQ Sucks! Give me some real help!
  2. What is ooTunes?
  3. Can I listen to radio streams on my iphone?
  4. How do I add a station to ooTunes?
  5. Can I use ooTunes with Airtunes to listen to internet radio or last.fm on my home stereo?
  6. What does "IMAP for music" mean?
  7. What are ooTunes' features?
  8. What are ooTunes' requirements?
  9. $$$$??? I thought this "interweb" thingamajiggy was supposed to be free?
  10. How does ooTunes work with my iPhone/iPod Touch?
  11. Are there any hotkeys? (or hotpants?)
  12. Can I get my music featured on your demo?
  13. But, I'm not really a nerd?
  1. This FAQ Sucks! Give me some real help!
  2. If you have any questions not covered here, or want to talk to a real human, don't hesitate to look or ask in this forum or let us know here or send an email to woo -at- ootunes.com

  3. What is ooTunes?
  4. You have your music and movies, it's all probably on one computer and maybe a portable. You, however, are less stationary. You work or go to school (probably) and hence, you probably don't always have your main music library with you. Ipod's make it nice, 'cause you can take (most) of it with you, but they are limited by capacity, and internet connectedness (iPod touch and iPhone of course excluded). So, if you listen to internet radio, or want all your music, but it won't fit on your portable all at once, you are somewhat limited. That's why we created ooTunes. Not only can you use it to access ALL your music when you're at work, school, in the car (if you have an iPhone), etc, but it keeps track of what you're listening to, marks things played, lets you rate tracks, scrobbles them, and all while cooling you with the gentle fan of a giant banana leaf (that last one is blatent false-advertising).

    So, to recap:

    • if you have a LOT of music and want it all wherever you go, even in the car, ooTunes is for you.
    • if you care about things like "last played" or "play count" ooTunes is for you.
    • if you want to listen to all your iTunes library or just about any internet radio streams on the go, ooTunes is for you.
    • if you have $20 and don't know what else to do with it, ooTunes is totally for you.

    Try out the demo, see what you think, then get ooTunes!

  5. Can I listen to radio streams on my iphone?
  6. Probably! It depends on the stream, of course... quick rule of thumb:

    If you can play it in iTunes, you can play it on ooTunes.

    HOWEVER... ooTunes can also stream .asp, .asx, .asf and .wma (windows media format) streams like some of the BBC live radio streams (BBC World News, BBC 1 extra, etc.), if you install the free VLC media player.

    ooTunes can now also stream many Real Audio Streams (.ra .ram, and rtsp://) such as the BBC regional and local stations, etc. Real audio streams require the free MPlayer to be installed.

    If you want to know if a specific radio station or stream will work, see our list of known-to-be-working streams. This list is growing almost daily, so if your favorite station isn't on there, please contact us!

  7. How do I add a station to ooTunes?
  8. Adding a station that already exists in the demo is easy.

    From a regular web browser:

    When logged into ooTunes, double click on the "Radio" playlist. You'll see a form that you can use to search for the stream. If the stream is found, click on the stream you wish to add.

    From an iPhone:

    When logged into ooTunes, tap the little preferences button (looks like a wrench). Then tap the "Account" tab, and the "Edit your account settings" link. Then pick the "Radio" tab, and enter name of the station (or something to search for it, such as BBC, or Sports. Finally, when the list appears, tap the station you wish to add and it will be added.

    To see the newly added station, you may need to reload the Radio playlist. This can be done by reloading the whole page, or simply clicking/tapping the little "reload playlist" link (it looks like a little circle) in the player.


    If adding the station warns that you need to install VLC or MPlayer, see the instructions on the transcoding help page.

    To add a station that is not yet in the demo, see Can I listen to radio streams on my iphone?

  9. Can I use ooTunes with Airtunes to listen to internet radio or last.fm on my home stereo?
  10. Yes! Click on the station's info link    then click the "Play in iTunes" link to download a playlist that you can open in iTunes to listen to that station. This is a good way to listen to windows media, real audio internet radio streams, or last.fm, etc. on your home stereo using your Apple Airport Express and AirTunes.

  11. What does "IMAP for music" mean?
  12. If you know what IMAP means, you might get it, (but even if you don't, read along...). IMAP is what allows some email services to keep all your email in sync, no matter where you are reading it (i.e. from the web, or from your mail program at home or at work, etc.). It means, you read your email in one place, and it's marked "read" everywhere else too. Delete it, it's gone everywhere. Move it to a folder, it's moved no matter how you access it. Now, imagine that with your iTunes library. You listen from a computer in the other room, it gets marked "played". Rate a song from work, and it gets rated at home. Move a song to a playlist at a friends house? It's moved wherever you access it. So it's lost on most people, but we think it's awesome!

  13. What are ooTunes' features?
    1. Listen to, rate and organize your music from any computer with a browser and an internet connection. Even your iPhone/iPod touch (see below).
    2. Create Genius Playlists on the go (Mac only for now).
    3. Buy Music you don't already own... hear something you like on Seeqpod, IMEEM, Pandora, etc.? (IMEEM and Pandora are only available from a desktop browser, not your iPhone/iPod Touch, unfortunately) Click a link, and ooTunes will search 7 (and counting) stores for the lowest price on that album... (or highest, if you're into that).
    4. Integration with Pandora, Last.FM, Seeqpod, MP3Tunes, and IMEEM. (IMEEM and Pandora are only available from a desktop browser, NOT from the iPhone app anymore... sorry!)
    5. Play your podcasts or favorite radio streams too (even on your iPhone/iPod Touch). You can even pause your live radio streams... if you need to take a call, or drop your ipod/iphone (ooTunes won't prevent damage from smashing electronics on the floor, but can prevent you missing the end of a good song)
    6. Are you a Scrobble-a-holic? Everything you play with ooTunes can be scrobbled. Even Pandora, Seeqpod, etc.
    7. Keep it all in sync (not to be confused with 'NSYNC: the hot boy band of yesteryear...). Play a song on Pandora that you already own? Your local track is marked played. Ratings too!
    8. Transcoding done on the fly... Whole family listening all at once? On a lower bandwidth connection? (such as EDGE or dialup... shudder...) ooTunes detects the slower connection, and (if setup properly) begins transcoding so you can still hear your music, without ... buffering ... forever ...
    9. Listen to internet radio stations (even last.fm, etc.) on your home stereo if you happen to have an Apple Airport Express with Airtunes.
    10. Works on Mac, Windows and Linux! Put that in your pipe and smoke it! (No don't really, we couldn't live with the thought having contributed to the adverse health effects that smoking brings).
    11. New features are often highlighted on our blog. Check it regularly, if you're bored.

  14. What are ooTunes' requirements?
  15. Server:

    Mac OS X 10.4 or higher
    Windows PC
    Windows 2000, XP or Vista
    Java Version 1.5 or higher
    Java Version 1.5 or higher


    • Broadband internet connection
    • Computer that is always on (when you want to stream music at least).
    • 512MB Memory
    • Access to your modem, router and/or firewall. (You need to be able to open a port so you can hear your music away from home.)

    To listen to your stuff:

    • Safari 3.0, Firefox 2.0 or higher, Opera 9 or IE7 or higher
    • The latest Adobe Flash plugin.

    • Or...
    • an iPhone or iPod Touch

  16. $$$$??? I thought this "interweb" thingamajiggy was supposed to be free?
  17. 2 reasons...

    1. We've put a lot of work into this bad boy... sleepless nights, etc.
    2. We think we've got a lot to offer, with new features almost weekly. Check out some of ooTunes' features. But if there are some features you'd like to see us add, please let us know!

  18. How does ooTunes work with my iPhone/iPod Touch?
  19. You can access your stuff from Mobile Safari or buy our ooTunes Radio iPhone app.

    You can stream all your stuff... music, movies (even DRM'd stuff), Last.FM, seeqpod, and internet radio stations all on the go.

  20. Are there any hotkeys? (or hotpants?)
  21. The following keys do something in ootunes:

    Spacebartoggle play/pause
    Left/right arrow previous/next song (left goes to beginning of current song if it just started)
    EscapeClose dialog box... i.e. settings/preferences
    Up/Down Arrow select previous/next song in a playlist
    Returnplay the currently selected song immediately
    Shift-clickselect a range of songs
    Ctrl/cmd-clickselect/deselect songs

    You can drag and drop selected songs too... dropping a song on the Album/Artist/Genre list will show only songs that match that song's Album/Artist/Genre.

    Drop songs on playlists to perform searches or copy the song to that playlist.

    Double clicking a song plays it immediately.

    If you use Safari on Mac we've written several applescripts (check inside the ooTunes package: ooTunes.app/Contents/Resources/Java/AppleScripts/) you can run if you set them up as hotkeys (using Quicksilver, for example). They can skip or go to previous tracks, play/pause current tracks, etc. Also, they can show the currently playing song with its album art using Growl.

  22. Can I get my music featured on your demo?
  23. Sure, as long as you have the right to distribute it. Contact us, and we'll be happy to put it up and link to your site.

  24. But, I'm not really a nerd?
  25. Oh, you will be don't worry, after you hack into the mainframe and open a port or two in the firewall, you'll be cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce.